Warner Bros. Schedules Batman 3 for 2012

According to Warner Bros., all you Bat fans can expect the third installment in Christopher Nolan’s Batman reboot to land in theaters and IMAX by July 20, 2012. The release date was part of an announcement by Warner and IMAX about films the studio expects to release into the format by 2013, with the third entry of the highly profitable “Batman” reboot franchise being one of them.

Of course, scheduling the movie to open in two years and making it happen are two completely different things. Nolan has already wrapped his “Inception”, and should be done with promotion when the film opens this Summer. That’ll leave plenty of room to jump right into pre-production on “Batman 3” — assuming that’s what Nolan is willing to do. There’s also the matter of the “Superman Returns” reboot that Nolan is supposedly “Godfathering”, and who knows how that will affect Bats’ return, if any.

The two “Batman” reboot films have been juggernauts for Warner at the box office. 2005’s “Batman Begins” made over $373 million in worldwide box office, while 2008’s “The Dark Knight” shattered records with over $1 billion in worldwide box office. No wonder Warner is so anxious to get a third one out there.

And oh, 2012? That’s also when Marvel unleashes “The Avengers” on the public. The best Summer of all time? Could be, could be…

'Weeeeee! Part 3 in 2012! Weeeeeeee!'