Warner Bros. Taking Another Crack at the Spy Hunter Movie

Oh, guy in groovy white car with snazzy rockets and oil cannons, will nobody ever manage to get you to the big screen? Not if Warner Bros. has anything to say about it. THR reports that the studio is once again trying to get a movie based on the “Spy Hunter” videogame off the ground, this time assigning writer Chad St. John to script the adaptation.

Previous attempts at making a movie out of the game had everyone from John Woo to Paul W.S. Anderson to The Rock attached at one point or another, but like the bad guys in the game, they all got swept away to the side by inconvenient oil slicks. Dan Lin and Roy Lee are producing this latest stab at ’80s videogame glory.

Although gamemakers have updated the game with better graphics in recent years, to most people “Spy Hunter” will always be known for, uh, the below:

It was high-tech back in the day. Well not really, but you know...