Warner Bros. to Adapt/Remake Death Note Manga

Help me out here, guys: does having the ability to write someone’s name into a book and killing them qualify as horror? I think it does. Sorta. Which leads us to this: Warner Bros. is planning to adapt the Japanese manga “Death Note” into a live-action movie. And no, it won’t be a remake of the three Japanese movies that already adapted the manga into a live-action film series, even though Warner Bros.’ Japan arm also made those. It’ll instead be based on the first three installments of the original manga. Same difference, right? Weren’t the Japanese movies also based on the manga? Ouch, my head hurts.

Says Variety:

Story centers on a college student who accidentally finds a misplaced “death note,” infusing him with the power to kill merely by writing anyone’s name on the page while picturing the person in his mind.

Warner bros. has hired scribes Charley and Vlas Parlapanides to adapt the first three installments of the 13-part manga. The original manga was writeen Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata.

The infamous Roy Lee, who has been responsible for pushing forward more than his share of Asian remakes in the States, will produce along with Doug Davison.

Below: The evil clown looking guy? Never been kissed by a girl.