Warner Bros. Wants Ben Affleck to Direct the Justice League Movie (UPDATED)

Ben Affleck“Hi, there, Ben Affleck, this is Warner Bros. We were wonderin’ … you wanna direct the big-budget ‘Justice League’ movie for us? Pretty please?”

Ah, remember the days when they tried to make Ben Affleck into the next big action star (“Paycheck”, “Reindeer Games”), and it sorta didn’t work? But then Affleck proved he could direct (“Gone Baby Gone”), and not just direct, but also act and direct (“The Town”). Now he’s got his hands full with big-time gigs for the choosing.

It’s long been rumored that Affleck has been offered “The Stand” by Warner Bros., and now the studio is doubling down on the Affleck business — the trades report that Affleck has been offered the “Justice League” movie. To that end, he’s the first person to be sent the “Justice League” script by “Gangster Squad” scribe Will Beall, and the job is his if he wants it.

But there is a catch: Affleck supposedly refuses to do any movie that he isn’t also starring in. So … Ben Affleck as Batman? I could see that, actually. Unless, of course, Warner Bros. wants to go really young, in which case, then no, it wouldn’t really work. But then again, hasn’t Batman always been older than the rest of the Justice Leaguers? Even Superman (presumably still played by Herny Cavill)?

Affleck has proven to be a good director with the right material, but I honestly don’t know what he’s done that would make him a good candidate to direct a big-budget comic book superhero team movie. Then again, you could say the same thing about Marc Webb, and he did a bang-up job on “The Amazing Spider-man”.

The actor/director currently has “Argo” scheduled to open in October, and of course that “Stand” job is still his if he wants it. But he’s apparently also mulling over a sci-fi movie called “Replay”, which sounds like the safest choice. Not the biggest, mind you, but safest.

“So, Ben, you wanna direct it or not, buddy?”

UPDATE: Deadline calls bullshit on the story, saying that Ben Affleck has already turned down the offer. Or at least, according to Affleck’s “people”, the man isn’t interested. They also say that Warner Bros. has also offered the gig to “Harry Potter” director David Yates, but he, too, has turned them down, opting for “Tarzan” instead.

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Via : Variety