Warner Bros. Will Not be Denied: Still Moving Forward on Green Lantern 2

Or so they say now, anyway. But since it’s going to take years to “develop” the sequel anyway, they could always conveniently forget about it a year or two from now. Hell, if no one mentions the sequel in another year, will anyone bother to bring it up? Ryan Reynolds is probably hoping No. My guess is that Reynolds’ “people” will have already moved him onto the next big thing in hopes of putting the green CG tights behind him.

But anyways, THR quotes unnamed sources as saying that the suits at Warner Bros. haven’t given up on the intergalactic beat cop just yet, and that a sequel is still in the “planning” stages. Apparently watching “Green Lantern” dip to third place in only its second week with a meek $18 million has done nothing to dissuade the studio.

Made on an estimated $200 million production budget (advertising and other costs associated with promoting the movie probably puts the final budget somewhere around $300 million, generously speaking), the film has totaled $118 million so far in worldwide box office. The film has only accrued $29 million from foreign box office, and has already opened in the UK, Hong Kong, and South Korea, among others. It still has dates in Australia and Japan to go, to name just two, so perhaps the studio is looking for those untapped markets to make up for the missing revenue. It’s doubtful they’ll get it, but shhhh, don’t tell them that.

Meanwhile, Ryan Reynolds, the star of “Green Lantern”, will be able to make up for “Green Lantern’s” soft box office with some promising projects, including the comedy “The Change Up” with Jason Bateman, the actioner “Safe House” with Denzel Washington, and eventually, the comic book horror/comedy “R.I.P.D” and, hopefully one day, “Deadpool”. I personally don’t think Reynolds has anything to apologize for. He was clearly the best thing about “Green Lantern”, because it certainly wasn’t the intergalactic cloud creature he was fighting. (You would think Hollywood learned its lessons about making intergalactic clouds your chief villain after the second “Fantastic Four” movie, but not so much…)

Well, I know one person who is hoping a sequel actually happens. Ol purple face is due a bigger part in the sequel, after all.