Warner Confirms Joseph Kosinski as Logan’s Run Remake Director

Warner Bros. has finally confirmed that music director Joseph Kosinski will make his feature film debut with the remake of “Logan’s Run” (last reported here), which is being written by Tim Sexton and produced by uber producer Joel Silver. The 1976 original film starred Michael York, Jenny Agutter and Farrah Fawcett, and was set in a future society that demands the death of everyone upon reaching a certain age. Anyone who veers from that destiny is dubbed a “runner” and is hunted by operatives known as Sandmen. Logan is a Sandman who is forced to go on the run.

More about the remake from The Hollywood Reporter:

While details of the new take are being kept mum, it is known that it will be low-tech science fiction in a futuristic setting and hew closer to the book than the 1976 movie. The new film will tackle idea of the “greater good” and people devoting themselves to an ideology blindly, while keeping the novel’s concepts of runners, Sanctuary and gangs outside the system.

I’ve never seen the original, even though I actually own the DVD. I bought it a few years ago, but just never got around to watching it, which sort of defeated the purpose of spending money on it, but I digress.

Warner Confirms Joseph Kosinski as Logan