Warner to Make Jeff Smith’s Bone Movie

Comic book writer/artist Jeff Smith’s “Bone” comic books is coming to a big screen near you, courtesy of Warner Bros. “Bone” was scheduled to hit theaters as an animated movie from Nickelodeon Films, but Smith pulled out after he realized the studio was going to target kids, including the use of — gasp! — pop music in the film. Oh well. Warner Bros. has now picked up the rights, and has assigned Dan Lin to produce the film.


The fantasy series followed three cousins from the Bone family who are small, white and bald humanlike creatures with big noses. The trio are run out of their hometown and find themselves in a mysterious valley where they are separated and hunted by other creatures. They are taken in by a girl named Thorn and her grandmother, and find out that the valley is threatened by an evil force called the Lord of the Locusts.

The series ran irregularly from 1991-2004. Scholastic has been publishing the collected stories in graphic novel format since 2005, selling more than 1 million copies so far.

Smith will executive produce.

Although the article also mentions that Warner still has no idea if they’re going to do a live-action version or go the animated route, doesn’t it seem obvious this thing has to be animated? I mean, it’s a movie about three small, white and bald humanlike creatures. How is this thing going to work other than as an animated movie?

Warner to Make Jeff Smith’s Bone Movie