Warner Wants a Lethal Weapon 5

It appears Warner Bros. has seen the second coming — of aging action stars, that is, and they’re looking to their own aging action stars, specifically Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh, to resurrect the “Lethal Weapon” franchise with a fourth sequel. According to the franchise’s only director, Richard Donnor, a “great script” is already done, but they just need Mel Gibson to sign on. Apparently Gibson really didn’t want to do part 4, but ended up doing it anyway; and he was adamant about not doing part 5, but apparently he seems to be warming to the idea. Maybe.

Moviehole had this:

Probably no surprise to hear, but there’s more Lethal talk. Apparently the whole trend of resurrecting old action heroes, like John McClane (in “Live Free or Die Hard”) and John Rambo has spurred them on. Twelve months after Gibson turned down the offer to do a fifth one, they’re trying again. Something might have changed – guess his career is kind of in the shitter? – because it seems to be going somewhere. That’s this week anyway. We shall see. Danny Glover’s not committing until he sees a script.

The last part about Danny Glover is a riot. Danny Glover would get on his hands and knees and bark like the commie dog that he is to get the job. The guy’s career is so over it’s not even funny.

Donnor added:

“It’s up to Mel… If he says yes then there’s another Lethal Weapon. I have a great story, I’d love to do it and put Lethal Weapon to bed.”

I thought they already “put it to bed” in part 4? Shows how much I know.

Here’s my take: Gibson’s career isn’t such that he NEEDS to revisit old ghosts. Many sites reporting this news are talking about Gibson’s career like it’s dead and over with; methinks they’re just kicking Gibson in the face because they don’t like his, ahem, less than attractive indiscretions of late. He should keep making the kinds of movies he wants, beyond the Hollywood system. Make enough good movies, and he’ll never have to kowtow to Hollywood suits again.

“Lethal Weapon 5”? Eh, I could do without.

Warner Wants a Lethal Weapon 5