Warren Ellis’ Iron Man and Wolverine Anime Trailers. Plus, Excalibur.

Warren Ellis is one busy man. Besides writing a gazillion comic book series a year for various houses and himself, the English scribe also dabbles in the occasional TV and movie work. His latest is four TV series for Japanese anime versions of Marvel Studio’s famous characters. The first two will be Iron Man and Wolverine (teaser trailers for them below), but the next two have yet to be announced. Plus, what’s this about a new “Excalibur” movie?

Ellis tells AICN that he won’t actually be scripting the anime series, but will provide detailed storylines for each series’ 13-episodes, so yeah, that’s basically like writing them. A Japanese writer, meanwhile, will take care of the dialogue on that end, as these shows are intended for a Japanese audiences and will be originally in Japanese. And as you can see from the teasers below, they’re very, well, Japanese. I mean, for God’s sake, Wolverine has a mullet and doesn’t look like Wolverine at all except for those claws.

So, here are the teaser trailers for the “Iron Man” and “Wolverine” anime TV series. You’ll probably have to get them as imports later on when they’re released in 2010.

Meanwhile, over at WarrenEllis.com, the writer informs the world that he’s currently scripting a movie called “Excalibur” for the folks at Hollywood Gang, the same people behind Zack Snyder’s “300”. According to Ellis, the movie will be based on the King Arthur legend, though he doesn’t add any further details.

What are the chances that it will actually turn out to be the comic book superhero team from Marvel, a title Ellis has actually written for in the past? Probably slim, but one can hope.