Warren Ellis’ Red Comics Headed to Big Screen

If Hollywood insists on plumbing the oeuvre of comic book scribe Warren Ellis, a God among comic book reading virgins, they’re gonna have plenty to draw from, cause the dude is what guys with eyewear and pens in their shirt pockets call prolific. With Ellis’ “Ocean” already headed to the big screen, his 2003 three-issue limited series “Red” is now following suit. The story finds an aging ex-covert ops agent in retirement realizing that just because you say adieu to the game, the game doesn’t necessarily say adieu back. In fact, the game is mighty pissed, and someone wants the old cranker dead; now the old bean has to figure out who before he takes the dirt nap. In between, you know, his regular naps. He’s old, did I mention?

The Hollywood Reporter, always one to top me like I owe it recess money or something, has this on the premise:

The three-issue comic series, published in 2003, told the story of a former black-ops CIA agent now living a quiet life in retirement until the day a high-tech assassin shows up intent on killing him. With his secret identity compromised and his love interest in danger, the man must reassemble his old team to figure out who is out to get them. The book was written by Warren Ellis, whose comic “Ocean” is set up at Warner Bros., and illustrated by Cully Hamner.

Summit Entertainment is pushing the film into development, the first time DC has allowed a studio other than Warner Bros. make a big screen version of its titles. Now that the precedent has been set, think of the possibilities. Can you say, “Robin: The Snot Nosed Wonder”? Watch as Robin tries to fake a headache to put off Batman — wait, what? I’m digressing again.

Brother scribes Erich Hoeber and Jon Hoeber have nabbed the work for producers Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Mark Vahradian. The Hoeber bros last adapted the comic book “Whiteout”, starring Kate Beckinsale as a cop trapped in Alaska with a serial killer. And you thought your vacation plans sucked.

A panel from “Red”. As you can see, it’s a family comic book.

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