Warren Ellis’ Strange Kiss Heads to Big Screen as Gravel

Gravel Comic Book CoverIt was only a matter of time before Hollywood started raiding the oeuvre of Warren Ellis. With his “Red” in production with Bruce Willis at Summit and the sci-fi actioner “Ocean” in development over at Warner Bros., Ellis’ latest property to get the big screen treatment will be “Gravel”, based on the 1999 “Strange Kiss” limited series comic book published by Avatar Press.

The movie will be called “Gravel”, and will focus on the main character William Gravel, a soldier in the British elite commando unit the S.A.S., who uses his skills in dark magic to earn a little extra cash by helping those with supernatural-related problems. Basically, got a ghost problem? Who you gonna call? Gravel! Something like that.

Ellis won’t just be signing away his character, far from it. He’ll be taking part in the production, and besides serving as executive producer, will also take first crack at the script. Of course what happens after that will probably be more Hollywood-ish, which means there’s a good chance he’ll get re-written. That always happens in Hollywood.

Rick Alexander will produce for MGM through Legendary Pictures.