Warren Ellis’ The Authority: The Movie Starring Stana Katic?

The Authority Comic Book CoverWould I love to see a big-budget live-action movie based on Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch’s ground-breaking superhero team book “The Authority”? Oh sure, I’ve love to see it. But do I think it’s gonna happen? Um, probably not.

Rumors of an “Authority” movie surfaced via SuperheroHype, who links to a post by comic book artist Dean Haspiel over on his blog:

I met and spoke to Stana Katic, star of TV show, CASTLE, and told her how much I loved her in Frank Miller’s SPIRIT movie [she was my favorite part of the movie]. I have a very short list of who I would cast to play my very own Jane Legit character [Billy Dogma’s better half] and Stana is on that list. Stana told me she was in the midst of creating a new comic book and was in talks to act in a movie version of Warren Ellis’ THE AUTHORITY.

Warren Ellis, the creator of “The Authority” (though apparently not the owner of the property), responded by writing this on his blog:

I don’t own THE AUTHORITY, and DC are certainly not compelled to tell me about anything regarding the book. What an odd thing.

Of course, Ellis could be playing coy, or he might not really know anything. Since he doesn’t own the book, D.C. really doesn’t have to tell him anything if they plan on doing a movie based on “The Authority”.

Which leads me to this: I don’t think it’ll happen. I don’t see D.C. spending the big-budget to do an “Authority” movie before they get a “Justice League of America” movie up and running. A JLA movie is a surefire hit, but a movie based on a comic book most people have never heard of? Not so much. Plus, I’m not sure if moviegoers are ready for a gay Batman copycat and his gay Superman copycat lover. Mind you, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

But hey, I’m down for anything starring Stana Katic (below). She is, as the kids say, purty, and I certainly dig her very much on “Castle”.

Stana Katic in Castle Promos