Warrior’s Gavin O’Connor Readies The Samurai

Gavin O'ConnorDespite a huge push by the studio, not to mention great reviews and word of mouth by those who have seen it, Gavin O’Connor’s “Warrior” proved that it wasn’t ready to take on the box office after all. Budgeted at around $25 million, the film has only done $12 million worth of business so far after three weeks of release. Which is a shame, as the film features two great performances from its main stars, with Tom Hardy as an MMA fighter is downright impressive.

Not to be deterred by “Warrior’s” lack of success, O’Connor has moved on to another project that he’s co-written and has now officially set up over at Warner Bros. — an international actioner called “The Samurai”.

Deadline has more on the plot:

The action adventure is about a rogue assassin named Townes Joyce, who breaks out of a Texas jail that puts him on the run from an international manhunt. Along the way, he gets involved with a woman and her child, and they go along for a ride that spans Costa Rica, Colombia, Paris and back to the U.S.

O’Connor co-wrote the script with Michael J. Wilson (of “Ice Age”) fame, and he expects to put the project into production quickly.

If you have any doubts that O’Connor can direct a great action martial arts movie, you haven’t seen “Warrior” yet. Here’s an example: