Watch 10 Seconds of the Dredd Trailer

Karl Urban in Dredd (2012) Movie Image

The full trailer for 2000AD’s rebooted “Dredd” won’t arrive online until this Thursday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t catch 10 seconds of the trailer now. Yes, 10 whole seconds. Hey, at least the studio didn’t slice it up into three parts and tried to feed it to us as “teaser trailers”, am I right? It’s actually part of Machinima’s 2012 Comic Con preview, in case you were interested. I’ve conveniently moved the video to the point where the trailer snippet starts. Please feel free to skip the rest.

Set in a future America that has become an irradiated waste land, “Dredd” finds the titular Judge Dredd out and about with a rookie Judge, when they run afoul of a drug dealer and her tenement full of bad guys. It kinda sounds like Gareth Evans’ “The Raid”, now that I think about it. Only with, you know, more slow-motion gunplay and less guys getting punched/kicked/hammered in the face repeatedly, judging by these 10 seconds.

“Negotiation’s over! Now die!” (Or close enough.)

“Dredd”, due September 21, 2012, stars Karl Urban, Olivia Thirlby, Lena Headey, Jason Cope, Langley Kirkwood, Kevon Kane, Joe Vaz, Warrick Grier, Scott Sparrow, and Luke Tyler.

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