Watch 17 Minutes of Deleted and Extended Scenes from The Amazing Spider-Man

Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) Movie Image

By now you should have seen Marc Webb’s “The Amazing Spider-Man” if you wanted to, so this post shouldn’t really have anything by way of SPOILERS. The film did make $752 million worldwide, after all, so if you haven’t seen it yet, chances are you have no interest in ever seeing it. Having said that …


Check out about 17 minutes worth of deleted and extended scenes from the Marc Webb movie. Most of it is the same stuff you already saw in theaters, but extended by a few seconds or whole minutes in the case of Uncle Ben’s death.

Webb and star Andrew Garfield are already signed up for “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”, and a new love interest with fiery red hair is expected to be introduced, though Gwen Stacy will still be the love of Spidey’s love. At least, until the end of part 2, if I can be so bold as to do some bold predictin’.

“The Amazing Spider-Man”, starring Garfield, Emma Stone, and Rhys Ifan, arrives on DVD/Blu-ray November 9, 2012 from Sony. I suspect this video was from that DVD release, and I don’t expect it to last online for very long, so watch’em while you can, kids.

Via : CBM