Watch 6 Minutes of The Amazing Spider-Man in Front of Men in Black 3 in IMAX This Friday

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Will Smith in Men in Black 3 (2012) Movie Image

Sony really, really wants you to see “Men in Black 3″ this weekend. That is, if you’re also highly anticipating Marc Webb’s “Spider-Man” reboot. In case you weren’t buzzing over the superhero’s return to his webslinging origins, then this news probably isn’t going to matter to you one bit.

If you do plan on seeing Will Smith’s return to the black suit this Friday, May 25th in “Men in Black 3″ in snazzy IMAX 3D, though, then you’ll also get treated to six minutes of “The Amazing Spider-Man”, which will also be making its IMAX 3D debut later this Summer on July 3rd. Judging by all the clips and trailers we’ve seen of “Spider-Man”, Webb appears to make great use of the movie’s 3D-ness.

What exactly will you see in those free six minutes? No idea, though if I had to guess it might be the film’s first six minutes, similar to what Warner Bros. did with the last two Batman films. Then again, will there really be a lot of swinging action in “The Amazing Spider-Man’s” first six minutes?

“Men in Black 3″ opens this Friday, including in IMAX 3D. If you’re watching it in regular 2D or 3D, then no six minutes of “Amazing Spider-Man” for you!

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  • Lexavi80

    I have no interest whatsoever on MIB 3. I’m eager to see Amazing spiderman though. Crazy eager.

    That’s being said, I won’t be going to the theater for a 6 minutes preview. I had 4 minutes already and I loved it. The scene in the bridge was all kinds of awesome, but I would have rather seen that when the movie opens. I primise myself I wasn’t going to watch more, and I will keep my promiss.