Watch Albert Pyun’s Captain America. For Free. Right Now.

If you didn’t grow up nerdy and socially awkward in the early 90’s, chances are you missed out on Albert Pyun’s wonky adaptation of the semi-popular Marvel comic book “Captain America.” The film, which has yet to appear on DVD here in the States, stars Darren McGavin, Scott Paulin, Ronny Cox, Ned Beatty, and Matt Salinger, the latter of whom portrays the heroic Steve Rogers (Captain America). Trying to locate a decent VHS copy of the film has been an obsession of mine for years, so the news that is offering this action-packed nonsense for absolutely free comes as somewhat of a surprise. Not that I’m complaining. As soon as 90-minutes of free time works its way into my busy schedule, I’m going to subject myself to the B-movie stylings of prolific director Albert Pyun. I suggest you do the same thing. Keep in mind, however, that many consider the movie to be unwatchable, though I’m certainly not included in that unruly bunch. Then again, there’s no accounting for taste.

Click right here to watch “Captain America” in its entirety. Enjoy! Or just watch the embed below. – Nix.