Watch an Extended Clip from the CW’s Arrow

Stephen Amell in ARROW TV Series

Well, if you’re going to distinguish your superhero show from other CW superhero shows (hell, from all the other superhero shows that has ever existed, period), having him totally and purposely murder some dude in cold blood because “no one must know” about his little secret (that he’s a parkourin’ badass, I’m guessing) will just about do it. I just hope they don’t start introducing a bunch of guys in silly costumes later on. That would really kill the whole “gritty vigilante” theme they’re apparently going for.

Check out an extended, 2-minute clip from the CW’s upcoming show “Arrow”, starring Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen, a billionaire playboy who returns to civilization after five years shipwrecked on an island. Queen is a changed man, and soon suits up as the Arrow, a vigilante armed with a bow and arrow and some wicked parkour skills to take on the city’s corrupt villains.

“Arrow” also stars familiar CW alum Katie Cassidy, along with Susannah Thompson and Paul Blackthorne, and is due later this year on October 10, 2012. It will be partnered up with the CW’s long-running genre show “Supernatural”, which should guarantee it a nice, ready audience. After all, “Supernatural” is probably the most violent TV show on the CW’s landscape.

Via : TVLine