Watch Christian Bale’s Batman Begins Audition (Guest Starring Amy Adams)

Christian Bale's Batman Audition

Ever wondered how Christian Bale landed the role of Batman? Well wonder no more. Here’s a 90-second behind-the-scenes look at Bale’s Batman audition for Christopher Nolan. Bale did it while wearing the Batman suit that Val Kilmer originally wore for “Batman Forever”, apparently. I’m shocked it wasn’t the George Clooney Batman suit. What, Bale doesn’t like rubber nipples?

Also, you’ll notice the woman he’s acting opposite. Though we never see her face, her voice might sound a tad familiar. That’s apparently Amy Adams, doing one of the film’s producers a “favor” by screentesting with Bale in the Katie Holmes role. I wonder if she was ever seriously considered for the role? She could have played both Batman AND Superman’s girlfriends in the movies. Hell, she sounds more convincing in these clips than Holmes ever did.

And probably the most interesting tidbit about this clip? According to Nolan, the “Batman voice” was entirely the creation of Bale. He came into the audition with that. Go figure. I always thought it was something Nolan instructed Bale to do, but turns out, nope, it was all Bale’s idea.

The clip is part of the “The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector’s Edition” that will be out this September 24th. You can buy that from if you’ve got $79.99 to spare.

The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector's Edition

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