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Shortly before the found footage genre became saturated in podunk efforts perpetrated by companies looking to grab a quick buck, director Christos Petropoulos released the highly enjoyable and grossly underrated Greek horror flick “Subconscious.” Although it received positive reviews from just about everyone who saw it — I think Deth Banger at loves it as much as I do — the film never found the audience it rightfully deserves.

Years after its release, Petropoulos went back into the editing room and recut the film. In addition to tightening some of the pacing, the film now features some computer-generated FX. And while I had absolutely no problems with the version I saw prior to its festival run, I can honestly say that the changes make for a stronger experience overall.


Thankfully, these changes don’t take away from the feeling that you’re actually watching “found footage. I’m not suggesting that “Subconscious” feels like your great aunt’s vacation videos — it just feels natural. It’s this element that makes the whole thing work. It’s a brilliant film, and I hope it brings Petropoulos the success he deserves.

Horror fans can now experience the film absolutely free of charge. Here’s the catch: It’s only going to be around for a limited amount of time. If you want to check it out, then you’d better do it now. Like right now. I’m sure you’re not doing anything at the moment. Take a look if you’re curious. You can find the entire movie on Vimeo.

You can find the trailer for director Christos Petropoulos’ “Subconscious” below. Hopefully the film will find its way onto DVD or Blu-ray in the near future. Interested in my long-winded thoughts on the movie? Be sure to check out my original review.

And watch the damn movie!

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