Watch Director Godfrey Ho’s 1985 Action Flick Ninja Terminator. For Free. Right Now.

If, like me, you spend the majority of your weekend stuffing a wide variety of poor-crafted motion pictures into the barren landscape of your tiny little mind, then you’ve probably heard of “Undefeatable” director Godfrey Ho. The man pieced together over a hundred motion pictures in his day, many of which are nothing more than cheap “copy and paste” jobs that utilize footage from many of his other films. The vast majority of these films are freakishly awful; as a fan, I’ll openly admit that none of his endeavors are genuinely entertaining. However, as someone who loves watching ninjas fight every five seconds, his flicks hold quite a bit of appeal to me.

Such is the case with the 1985 action epic “Ninja Terminator”, a cinematic experience that answers the question: Do guys really need a reason to wear blonde wigs? This is a topic that has caused many sleepless nights, ruined countless friendships, and has sent dozens of conversations nosediving into boredom. And while there aren’t any solid answers presented in the film itself, I think there may be quite a few secrets buried within the subtext that will help bring an end to my obsession with random blonde wigs in low-budget cinema.

Fortunately for those of us with questionable taste in cinema, a number of forgotten motion pictures have been uploaded to YouTube. Some of these movies may not last for long, though, honestly, I doubt anyone really cares about a Godfrey Ho movie from 1985 when people are bootlegging copies of “The Avengers” left and right. Anyway, if the idea of watching an endless supply of ninja fights sounds like a fantastic way to spend a summer Saturday night, have a look at the video embedded below. It’s pretty awesome.