Watch Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man Test Footage

Ant Man Comic Book

Oft-talked about but rarely seen (unless you were at Comic Con the year it was shown to attendees, that is), here’s that short (less than a minute long) test footage (aka proof of concept) that Edgar Wright shot to convince the Marvel brass that he could pull off an “Ant-Man” movie.

It’s on YouTube and according to the person who posted it, was recently shown again at something called “The Best of BUG” in London today. The quality is, of course, pretty crappy, but it’s what you’ve been waiting to see for a while now, so get to seeing it before Marvel has it yanked.

As for the movie itself, Marvel currently has it scheduled for 2015, which is still 2 years away, and apparently Wright already has the script finished with Joe Cornish (of “Attack the Block” fame). Since Marvel has given the film an official release date, that means the movie is definitely happening. Probably.

By the way, who knew a guy in an “ant” helmet could be so cool? I gotta say, it’s a lot better than I had expected. The whole zooming in and out of ant-size was really well done and would definitely look impressive on the big screen.

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Ant-Man (2012) – Edgar Wright Concept Teaser by Eklecty-City