Watch Jean-Claude Van Damme do the Mother of All Splits for Volvo

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Call him Jean-Claude Van Damme, the commercial machine. After making his bones beating up bad guys in the movies and showing off his trade-mark splits, Jean-Claude Van Damme has been spending a lot of time doing commercials these days. And hey, why not? I bet the money’s good, the hours are short, and … the money is really good.

Previously, I caught him doing an Godaddy commercial that came completely out of nowhere. Now he’s doing splits for Volvo. No, really, check out his Volvo commercials below. It’s about Volvo’s steering or control or sumthin’. Basically, it’s Jean-Claude Van Damme on top of two Volvo trucks doing the splits.

An EPIC split, of course.

Here’s that Godaddy commercial in case you missed it. It’s nuts. He just pops out of nowhere and bam, there’s Jean-Claude Van Damme doing a commercial for Godaddy!