Watch Marcelo Pineyro’s The Method Online for Free

The guys over at Palm Pictures, who acquired Marcelo Pineyro’s Spanish boardroom thriller “The Method” last month, dropped us a line to let us know that they will be premiering the film online for free at the social media network Imeem. The date is June 29th, and “The Method” will be shown online for just that day only, prior to the film’s theatrical launch (and into DVD after that). This is, as far as I know, the only time a studio has done this with a movie.

About “The Method”:

A mysterious corporation has a vacancy job in offer, and seven eager businessmen are called upon at the same time to be interviewed for the position. They are shown into a room by the firm’s offbeat secretary (Natalia Verbeke), where they are informed that they shall all partake in a bizarre test known as the Grönholm Method. They are also told that one of the seven applicants is in fact the interviewer, who shall remain anonymous to the other six.

Throughout a series of uncanny questions, what-if scenarios and increasingly bizarre tests, the applicants are dismissed one by one. The tension increases as people begin to take matters personally, and things get carried out of hand as competition becomes sharper to win the position.

The film stars Eduardo Noriega, Najwa Nimri, Eduard Fernandez, Pablo Echarri, and is based on the play by Jordi Galceran. It is directed by Marcelo Pineyro (“Kamchatka”).

Trailer for “The Method”: