Watch Michonne Slice and Dice Some Zombies in a Walking Dead Season 3 Clip

Danai Gurira in THE WALKING DEAD Season 3

I hope actress Danai Gurira is ready, because she’s about to become instantly famous when the third season of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” re-appears on the screen this October. Gurira is playing Michonne in the upcoming season, a katana-slinging swordswoman who really knows how to swing that sword. In the comic books, Michonne becomes a major ally for Alpha Survivor Rick Grimes, though it remains to see be seen how TV Michonne will interact with Rick and the gang.

Until we find out later this year, check out an almost minute-long clip of Michonne in action shown during the show’s marathon this weekend on “The Talking Dead”, the chatfest that usually accompanies the airing of each “The Walking Dead” episode.

Season 3 of “The Walking Dead” finds Rick and company seeking shelter in an abandoned prison. Well, not really abandoned abandon, if you know what I mean.