The opening few minutes of Die Hard 4

Bruce1(Article by Tony G.) I don’t know what possesses people to watch the opening minutes of movies, which seems like a common marketing practice nowadays. Can’t moviegoers wait until the film comes out, without the need to be spoiled?

But unfortunately I’m a fully fledged hypocrite, because I became overwhelmed to watch the new Live Free or Die Hard clip on Yahoo Movies which shows us about 8 minutes of footage from the beginning of the film.

Do I recommend others watching it? Well basically it’s just an extended action scene, so very little of the story is revealed and you do get to see some rather nice stunts (including some brilliant moves from Cyril Raffaelli). Personally it has hyped me even more for the film as I wasn’t too sure what Len Wiseman could pull out of his directing bag after filling it with Underworld garbage, but this scene looks pretty good. And Justin Long on first impressions, doesn’t seem as annoying as I expected.

Click here for the clip and the film opens worldwide on July 4th.

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