Watch the First 17 Minutes of Prison Break Season 3

Prison Break Season 3 doesn’t begin until September 17th, but FOX is giving you the opportunity to watch the season premiere’s first 17 minutes for free online now. Yahoo! TV is currently hosting the clip, which catches up with Michael Scofield and FBI agent Mahone, along with former prison guard turned Panamanian punching bag Bellick now stuck in a notorious and dangerous Panamanian prison. Meanwhile, Lincoln attempts to get Michael out on the outside, while Sara Tancredi is nowhere to be found. And who is the very hot Panama girl dressed up as a nun servicing the king of the prison?

I didn’t see all of Prison Break’s Season 2, mostly because toward the end of the season the show sort of tailed off, and became a little tedious. Which isn’t really a surprise, since year one, with Scofield trying to break out of prison, was the real draw, and when he finally got out, watching them running away from cops just wasn’t the same.

Season 3 promises to be a return to the old days, as well as the show’s original premise — busting out of a prison against all odds.

Head over here to see the 17 minutes being offered online now.

And the trailer for Season 3: