Watch The First 3 Minutes Of Nebraska, The Walking Dead Midseason Premiere

Madison Lintz in The Walking Dead TV Series

Boy do I hate midseason breaks. It seems like every show I watch went on hiatus for a couple months and it drives me crazy. And AMC’s “The Walking Dead” is no exception. Lucky for us, however, new installments of the zombie-apocalypse drama are on the horizon, and “Nebraska”, the eighth episode will air February 12th. Now, to whet your appetite, you can watch the first three minutes of the midseason premiere.

This next little bit will contain some SPOILERS for those of you who haven’t been keeping up on the series. So read on at your own risk.

The break ended with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) doing what Rick in the comic book does best, doing something horrible that needs to be done, but no one else will do. In this case, he shoots a child in the face. Sure it’s a zombie child, but it is Sophia, the little girl the gang has spent most of the second season looking for. You can imagine that there are some differing emotions to this act. This is where “Nebraska” picks up, at the end of Rick’s trademark revolver. There is not a lot said in this clip, but it definitely kicks off part two of season two with a bunch of heightened emotions, extreme tension with Hershel and company, and immediately puts our heroes in a tough spot.

I have wildly mixed feelings about “The Walking Dead”. There are some things I absolutely love about the show, that I think it does really well, and there are some things that drive me crazy. My biggest beef with the second season is that it takes them too long to do anything, to the point where it feels like the show is stalling and some of the episodes feel like filler. It gets to a point where the tension and story plateau and stop moving forward. Too much time is spent sitting around at Hershel’s farm looking for Sophia. This is fine at first, there is an inherent conflict and tension in that situation, but how many times can they go look for her? How many conversations can Rick and Herschel have about the group remaining at the farm? After a while nothing happens and the episodes blend together and get stale. I get what they’re trying to do; I just don’t think it is well executed.

I really hope the second half of the picks up the momentum. I’m fine with a measured, deliberate pace, as long as things continue to move and don’t bog down. The first three minutes of “Nebraska” are promising, but I hope the remaining episodes live up to that potential.

Watch the clip below and see for yourselves. I’m curious to hear your reactions to this, as well as Season 2 of the “The Walking Dead” as a whole. Am I crazy? Am I wrong? Is my interpretation way off? What do you think?

Watch the whole episode when “The Walking Dead” returns to AMC on Sunday, February 12th.

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