Watch the First 4 Minutes of Agents of SHIELD’s Thor 2 Tie-in Episode

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So what happens after Thor shows up and saves London and the world from total annihilation at the hands of the Dark Elves in “Thor: The Dark World”? Well, someone’s gotta clean up after him, as it turns out. Which is where the agents of SHIELD come in in this week’s episode “The Well”. Check out the first four minutes of the episode below.

This actually reminds me a bit of an old Marvel comic book about regular people who went around New York cleaning up after superhero battles. It was a really interesting idea, but it got canceled pretty soon, I think. Hopefully that doesn’t happen to “Agents of SHIELD”. I could use two more years of this show. Or at least one more year. I like the characters, and I honestly could even do without the Marvel tie-ins, but maybe that’s just me.

And oh, “The Well” is directed by Jonathan Frakes of “Star Trek” fame. If you don’t know, Frakes has become a very prolific movie and TV director since “Star Trek” went off the air. Of all the actors on that show, he’s probably the most busy next to Patrick Stewart.

“The Well” airs tonight on ABC.

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