Watch Todd Lundbohm’s Short Thriller Infection

Looking for a quick jolt of nastiness to liven up you day? Here’s your chance to check out director Todd Lundbohm’s short film “Infection”. It’s a mean little joint out of Boise, Idaho, though set in Russia.

I can’t help but be reminded a little bit of “A Serbian Film”. There is less straight up brutality to “Infection”, but it is reminiscent of some early moments in “A Serbian Film”. There is a deliberate pace and ethereal feel. Lundbohm creates an atmosphere where things aren’t as they seem on the surface, infused with a sinister air of menace that is definitely there, even when you can’t specifically say why. “Infection” won’t spell out easy answers for you, leaves your imagination to work out some of the more obscure problems, and takes some turns you don’t see coming. All in a little over 18 minutes. Not bad.

“Infection” looks great, too. Slickly executed, the production got a ton of value on a small budget, and appeared at a handful of festival throughout the past year. Check out the video below if you have a few moments to spare, I think a lot of you will dig it.