Watch Two Video Clips of To, Lam, and Hark’s Triangle

Via Twitchfilm, the French movie website Allocine is currently hosting two 2-minute clips from the upcoming Ringo Lam, Tsui Hark, and Johnnie To collaboration “Triangle”. The first clip looks like something from Tsui Hark’s segment (which opens the film), while the second one looks like a Johnnie To clip, with two people dancing, while both are armed (one with a gun, the other with a knife), and a third person hides in the shadows.

In short, Hark starts the film off as being about three “drinking buddies” who are offered a major cash reward to retrieve a McGuffin. They do so, and that’s when things go bad, as they invariably always do in these movies. Then somewhere along the way, one of the guy’s wife gets involved, and so does the cop she’s having an affair with.

Some images from the video clips: