Watchmen Director’s Cut Scene: Hollis Mason’s Death

Speaking of Zack Snyder, here’s a long clip from the director’s last movie, “Watchmen”. It’s a deleted scene that features the death of Hollis Mason aka Nite Owl I, played by actor Stephen McHattie. Mason had a brief role in the theatrically released version of the movie, showing up to talk old times with Nite Owl II. In this deleted scene, which is available along with many others on the “Watchmen” Director’s Cut DVD available July 21st, Mason gets a surprise late-night visit from some thugs. He fights back, but alas, the kids these days are faster and more brutal than the villains he’s used to back in the good old days of costume adventuring. Mason puts up a good fight, but it’s not enough.

It’s actually a pretty brutal scene, and would fit in just fine with the theatrical release, which was pretty damn brutal at times. I guess they had to cut it for timing issues, as although it does relate to the events of the movie, it’s more of a peripheral scene that, in the larger scope of things, doesn’t really impact the film’s main story.