Watchmen Movie Update: Gerard Butler, Shooting Date, a 300 Sequel?

You gotta respect Zack Snyder. He’s so intent on making “Watchmen”, and making it just like the comic book, that you know the guy has to constantly defend his decision to not turn “Watchmen” into the Justice League or something. And if you’re read Alan Moore’s take on team superheroes, you know the Watchmen are nothing like the JLA. MTV recently caught up with Snyder, and he revealed some pretty interesting stuff, namely that he expects to start shooting “Watchmen” in September up in Canada. But wait, there’s more!

Snyder says about Gerard Butler, who has been rumored to be taking part in “Watchmen”:

“Yeah, we’ll find a spot for him… They’ll let him [off the other sets for a while]; he’s not gonna get out that easy.”

About all those casting rumors, like Keanu Reeves, Jude Law, etc?

“Um “” you know what? I would say ‘No,’ but then you’d call me later and go like, ‘Dude, what are you doing?’… I don’t know who’s leaking this stuff, but they’re good.”

And how will “Watchmen” begin?

“At the beginning of the movie there’s a character called the Comedian… He gets in a fight with a guy that we don’t know who it is, and [the Comedian] gets thrown out a window. That’s what I’m working on right now, and it’s pretty intense.”

And what’s this? There are rumors of a “300” sequel? Of course there is. This is Hollywood. If it makes money, then by God Hollywood will try to squeeze a sequel or trilogy or two out of it.

Snyder replies:

“Hey “” if Frank wrote it, and drew something cool, absolutely.”

So that means forget about it. Frank Miller isn’t going to write/draw a sequel to a story that has no sequel possibilities. He’s not that desperate for cash.

Watchmen Movie Update: Gerard Butler, Shooting Date, a 300 Sequel?