Watchmen Rumor: Thomas Jane as … The Comedian

If it seems like I’m posting way too much about “Watchmen”, there is a reason for that: I am, and I need to. Why do I “need to”? Because if done right, or if even done HALF right, “Watchmen” has the potential to break the mold of what people consider “comic book movies”. It is an entirely adult tale that just happens to have people running around in tights. “Watchmen”, if done right, could mark a seminal moment in comic book movie history, the way “Blade Runner” did for science fiction. Having said that, the latest casting rumor? Thomas Jane as the Comedian.

The rumor comes to us courtesy of SuperheroHype: got a chance to speak to actor Thomas Jane about his upcoming directorial debut The Dark Country. During their discussion, the subject of Zack Snyder’s anticipated Watchmen came up, particularly the rumors that Snyder is interested in casting Jane as The Comedian.

“Is it on the Internet?” Jane asks. Yessir, Tom. It’s out there. “Yeah,” the actor responds in a slow drawl. “I’m staying quiet about it. I know that Zack’s interested and that’s a great compliment.”

Definitely not a denial. And when the star is interested, and the director is interested…

Well, maybe, maybe-not.

But I can see Jane as the Comedian. He sported a mustache in “Original Sin”, and with the right amount of gray in the hair, some grizzle on the face…

Thomas Jane as ... The Comedian