Watchmen’s Rorschach as Freddy Krueger?

Whether we like it or not (not so much in my case, as I’m a big fan of the original franchise), they’re rebooting “A Nightmare on Elm Street” with a new lead for the dirty sweater and brown hat. And they better get it right, too, because when it comes to “Elm Street”, the teen fodder is less important than the guy going through the fresh meat. So how about Jackie Earle Haley (aka Rorschach in the upcoming “Watchmen”) as Freddy?

Here’s Haley talking about the role with IGN. He sounds noncommittal, but he also doesn’t come right out and say that he WOULDN’T do it. It’s interesting how different Haley is in person and his Rorschach character. Looking at the guy in this interview, you’d never think he could put on a mask and beat up bad guys, but there he is, doing just that in “Watchmen”.

Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy Krueger? I’d believe it.