Watchmen Watch: Sally Jupiter Pin-Up, Zack vs. the MPAA, and Watchmen for Retards

Here’s one of those peripheral things about big-budget filmmaking that you gotta love: someone commissioned this artwork of Carla Gugino as Sally Jupiter in pin-up pose for the movie, probably for a pretty penny. It shows up for a second in the movie’s trailer, but will apparently make a longer appearance in the actual movie, so says the guy who drew it. Meanwhile, Zack Snyder fills us in on a little fun-and-games he had with the MPAA about a gun, a walkie talkie, and what retards the MPAA are. And lastly, for all of you who can’t be bothered to read the “Watchmen” comic books by Alan Moore, even if just to be able to brag that you did, well you can now do the next best thing: watch and listen to the comic book as it’s read for you. No, seriously. God, you guys suck.

First up, Warner Bros. wants you to know that just because you’re a lazy bastard, that doesn’t mean you should automatically assume you can’t be bothered to read Alan Moore’s “Watchmen” comics. To that end, they have put the entire limited series on iTunes, where you can download for free and have someone read the 12 issues for you. Unfortunately it’s one guy doing all the voiceovers — including all the girl characters. Yes, it is as disconcerting as you imagined. Click here to get started, you illiterate, lazy bastards. (via)

Secondly, director Zack Snyder blows the lead on the mental retardation that is the Hollywood ratings system, aka the MPAA.

And in case you missed it, Entertainment Weekly‘s got a lengthy article on the making of the movie. It’s read-tastic.

Finally, it’s what you’ve all been waiting for, the Sally Jupiter mock pin-up by James Jean via AICN:

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Carla Gugino as Sally Jupiter Pin-Up