Watchmen’s Tales of the Black Freighter DVD Cover Art, Specs

When Zack Snyder’s “Watchmen” debuts in March, you won’t just be getting one movie, you’ll actually be getting two — the “Watchmen” live-action movie itself, and its animated companion, “Tales of the Black Freighter”, the movie within a movie patterned after the original comic within a comic. Yes, trying to keep track of all this stuff is liable to give you a headache within a migraine. But have no fear, that’s what we’re here for. Well not really, mostly because the only reason you even care enough to read this post is because you’re a total comic book fiend, and you already know about this DVD and you’re already mentally lining up to buy it, so there you go.

Check out the DVD cover art for the animated DVD, set to hit store shelves (or assembly belts, depending on your purchasing preferences) March 24, 2009, about three weeks after the movie lands in theaters on March 6, 2009. The animated movie comes in standard DVD, Blu Ray, and something called a Special Edition.

They’re in the book. And on this disc. From the director of Watchmen and 300 come two tales from the celebrated graphic novel that do not appear in the extraordinary Watchmen Theatrical Feature. Tales of the Black Freighter (featuring the voice of 300’s Gerard Butler) brings to strikingly animated life the novels richly layered story-within-a-story, a daring pirate saga whose turbulent events may mirror those in the Watchmen’s world. Stars from the Watchmen movie team in the amazing live-action/CGI Under the Hood, based on Nite Owl’s powerful first-hand account of how the hooded adventurers came into existence. Two fan-essential stories. One place to watch the excitement. Watching the Watchmen begins here.

The animated movie is 30 minutes long and is rated PG-13. Special features for the DVDs include: Hollis Mason’s “Under the Hood”, a preview of “The Green Lantern”, and “Story Within A Story: The Books of Watchmen”. And as always, you get a digital copy of the film with the ha-falutin’ Blu Ray version.