WB Buys POV Action Movie Script. Maybe They Should Call it Call of Duty the Movie?

Because, you know, it sounds like a “Call of Duty” movie, if the entire film is going to be shot/seen entirely through the POV of the main character. Which, reading this Heat Vision article, is apparently the big “high concept” that they’re going with.

The script in question is called “Line of Sight” by F. Scott Frazier, which just got picked up for a nice chunk of change by Warner Bros., who have slotted uber producer Joel Silver to develop.

“Line of Sight” is being described as “a high-concept action film set around a large-scale threat on American soil” that will be told “via a POV”. And no, the “threat” isn’t aliens. Thank God. Hey, I love alien invasion movies as much as the next guy (hell, probably even more than the next guy), but the current deluge of such movies is just a tad, well, excessive.

Although Alex Heineman came up with the idea for “Line of Sight”, Frazer, who recently sold “The Numbers Station” with Ethan Hawke and Malin Akerman, wrote the script.

Maybe the movie will end up looking like this (minus the helpful HUD and mini-map, of course):