WB Goes Back in Time with Rome, Sweet Rome and Outer Space for The Odyssey

Roman LegionnaireA pair of sci-fi projects to keep an eye on for all you fans of sci-fi projects out there, both courtesy of Warner Bros.

Up first is the time-travel “Rome, Sweet Rome”, which Warner Bros. is currently developing based on an post that first appeared on the social sharing site Reddit. The studio grabbed the pitch back in 2011 from writer James Erwin based on the question:

What if a unit of U.S. Marines are transported back in time and forced to do battle with Roman legions?

Well apparently Warner Bros. didn’t like the answer, because they’ve now set aside Erwin’s script and has hired screenwriter Brian Miller (“Apollo 18”) to take a crack at a new script … without ever having read Erwin’s script. Which, uh, must have meant the studio really, really didn’t like Erwin’s answer to the question that sold the movie.

Miller will now work off the same premise, but this time instead of Marines, it will be U.S. Special Forces who will have to contend with those Roman Legionnaires.

Maybe Warner Bros. should have just hired those guys from “The Deadliest Warrior” to write them a story. Didn’t they ever pit U.S. Special Forces commandos against Roman Legionnaires before? Seems like something they would do…

The Odyssey Book CoverBut hey, if pitting Roman Legionnaires against U.S. Special Forces commandos doesn’t work out, Warner Bros. still has “The Odyssey” in Space for you to chew on in the coming years.

The studio has recently hired James DiLapo to work on a script of their untitled sci-fi film based on Homer’s “The Odyssey”, this time set in space.

“The Odyssey”, written by some guy name Homer (d’oh!), is the story of Odysseus as he returns home after the campaign against Troy (chronicled in Homer’s other epic tale, “The Iliad”). Ol Odysseus gets into all sorts of trouble trying to get back home, and even once he does get home, there’s more trouble waiting for him there. It’s a good thing that he’s a clever fella, then.

Brad Pitt was said to be once attached to the project, but is no more. Which is too bad. Pitt, as you’ll recall, starred in Wolfgang Petersen’s 2004 flick “Troy”, the big-budget, big-screen spectacle that adapted “The Iliad”. It’s a film that the Greek Geek in me really likes for some reason, and whenever it shows up on cable, I end up watching most of it. But he played Achilles in that one.

Still, it would have been a pretty cool sorta-sequel of sorts if he had stayed with “The Odyssey” in space…

Brad Pitt in Troy (2004) Movie Image