WB Moves Batman v Superman Again, Unveils 10-Film Superhero Line Up


Justice League by Alex Ross

Damn. Someone’s getting ambitious.

The big news today is that Zack Snyder’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” has moved release date once again. But this time instead of being delayed, it will instead move up a month and change, from the previously scheduled May 6, 2016 to the now earlier March 25, 2016.

As you’ll recall, Marvel had already set “Captain America 3″ for the May 6th weekend, but then Warner decided they might want to slot “BvS” there, too. For the longest time, people were waiting to see who would blink first. Now you have your answer. You can view this two ways: Warner Bros. blinked first, or Warner Bros. did the smart thing.

Either/or. The results are the same: Batman and his pal Superman will beat Captain America’s third go’round to the big screen.

And that, apparently, is only the beginning of what Warner has planned. The studio and their D.C. pals have also announced that 9 other comic book movies will be joining “Batman v Superman” starting in 2016 and running through to 2020. They didn’t happen to say what those movies would be, but here’s their tentative schedule (knowing Warner, the chances of this schedule holding up is almost as certain as me dating Kate Upton):

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (March 2016) – 3/25/16
Untitled DC Film (August 2016) – 8/5/16
Untitled DC Film (June 2017) – 6/23/17
Untitled DC Film (Nov. 2017) – 11/17/17
Untitled DC Film (March 2018) – 3/23/18
Untitled DC Film (July 2018) – 7/27/18
Untitled DC Film (April 2019) – 4/5/19
Untitled DC Film (June 2019) – 6/14/19
Untitled DC Film (April 2020) – 4/3/20
Untitled DC Film (June 2020) – 6/19/20

(Note: I have no idea how these dates correspond to Marvel’s own ambitious plans moving forward. I’m frankly too lazy to cross-check them.)

I’ll give Warner Bros. an “A” for ambition. As for the execution, well…we’ll see.

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Author: Nix

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  • 0ptik

    They are going with the 2 movie per year as well. Would be nice if they spaced out from marvel’s, sony’s, and fox’s superhero movies so that we can have more movie weekends.

  • ErickKwon

    I’ve read other sites already claiming that Marvel has “won” the May 6, 2016 Release Date Face-off, but I can’t be the only one who’s happy about this, right? Depending on what the word-of-mouth is in the run up to the original release date, I probably would’ve been thinking hard about which movie to see first before settling on “BvS”. I swear, so many other movie blogger sites seem to have the editorial mentality of a bratty twat trolling her anti-BFF on social media.

    • Aegon the Conqueror

      I’m quite happy with this too, I don’t like to feel pressured into watching two movies on the same weekend. And seeing as Cap is my fave marvel character and Bats fave DC it wouldn’t have been an easy choice.

    • Lexavi80

      It was to be expected. For sure someone was going to move, and when I say “someone” we always knew it was going to be Warner.

      Anyway, to have a superhero movie at the beginning of the year sounds good. Let’s just hope it doesn’t turn up to be another fiasco.

  • http://www.beyondhollywood.com/ Dedpool

    WB suffers from cold feet. I am personally glad, for the change of dates because I don’t like having to choose between flicks, and I hate when they’re so close as I inevitably end up missing something. But Warner doesn’t like taking risks. Look at GL, GoTG showed staying in space can be done, and done well. GL has a great stable of characters and worlds, but DC/WB was afraid of taking it off Earth.

    • ErickKwon

      Warner Bros is already taking risks, no need to add to them by opening against an MCU movie if they can help it.

      • http://www.beyondhollywood.com/ Dedpool

        Well they are now. I just think had they followed the “First Flight” animated film and beefed it up and made a few changes it would have been a great film. They were so afraid of losing the audience once it got to space that they just HAD to put Earth in danger for the hero to save it.
        But yeah I never understood the competition like that. Release close to, but not on the day of. Cause at this point it’s kinda futile. Once they build up some steam then we’ll see.