We May Actually See The Red Dawn Remake In 2012

Red Dawn (Remake, 2010) Movie Image

Then again, we may not.

No film informed my childhood quite like “Red Dawn”. John Miluis’s 1984 Cold War pseudo-propaganda piece scared the living hell out of me. After all, if the Commies could invade some podunk little Colorado burg, wasn’t my Navy-centric hometown absolutely screwed? As if I wasn’t already paranoid enough about being annihilated by global thermal nuclear war, now I had to worry about the Russians, and the Cubans, invading in the middle of social studies. God dammit. In addition to inducing near crippling levels of paranoia, “Red Dawn” also fueled my desire to take to the woods with a close-knit group of friends in order to single-handedly repel the invading hordes. Much of my childhood and adolescence was spent mentally stockpiling potential locations from which to ambush invaders, places to hide out, and everyday items I could use in lieu of weapons until I managed to raid an armory. To this day I’m more than a little shocked I didn’t become a rabid survivalist.

A remake of “Red Dawn” was filmed in 2009, but due to MGM’s financial troubles and the desire not to piss off all of China, it has been sitting on the shelf since then. However, it now seems that the modern reinterpretation may actually see the light of day in 2012. I know this has been said before, but who knows, maybe they mean it this time. Indy studio FilmDistrict is in near a deal with MGM to distribute the film, which stars Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth. Who knows, it may even be good (okay, that’s a long shot, I’m not holding my breath, but I’m still going to watch it).

In the original version, for those of you unfamiliar with “Red Dawn”, Communists invade a small mountain town in Colorado. Patrick Swayze, C. Thomas Howell, and Charlie Sheen take to the wilderness, yell “Wolverines!” a lot, and kill a bunch of the invaders. In the new version—helmed by first-time director, and long-time stunt man, Dan Bradley—the villains were the Chinese, but have since morphed, through movie magic, into North Koreans, because that’s feasible.

Like I said, who the hell knows when we’ll actually see “Red Dawn”. I can’t imagine that movie with Hemsworth in the lead won’t find some sort of release. We’ll just have to see what we’ll see.