We May See A Doctor Strange Movie Sooner Rather Than Later


Doctor Strange Comic Book

“The Avengers” was a hot topic at New York Comic Con over the last few days, but it wasn’t the only Marvel property with a bit of momentum behind it. In a brief video snippet, Marvel movie executive Kevin Feige let it out that the studio is at least considering some movement on the long-gestating “Doctor Strange” adaptation, and that we may see it, “sooner rather than later.”

Feige said that he can now begin to officially let people know that the movie is coming down the pipe in announcements. He said he “would love to see him [Strange] as part of Phase Two”; the block of post-“Avengers” films set to include “Iron Man 3” and “Thor 2”.

“Sooner rather than later” is a hopeful statement for “Strange” fans, but it is also a frustratingly vague thing to say. It makes it sound like Marvel is moving forward, but doesn’t contain any real information what that means. Is “sooner” 2013? That too soon to realistically hope for. 2014? Maybe, but still pretty quick all things considered. Does it mean that they’ve actually been working on it, or that they’re simply planning to move forward more than a year after writers were attached to the project? Who knows, but what the hell, it’s fun to speculate and try to read thing into a 19 second video clip. Watch it for yourself below and see how you interpret it.

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Author: Brent McKnight

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  • 0ptik

    I dunno if the world is ready for Marvel to introduce magic in the world of superheroes adaptations. Most people that watch these movies have never read a comic book nor read up on the characters or the universe. Introducing magic to a world that the audience recently accepted as being intriguing could destroy their curiosity or acceptance and be like “oh now they put magic in, no more superpowers? This is just too much for me” especially Doctor Strange who isn’t well known to the world besides the comic book readers.

    But thats just my opinion.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. This and any other purely magical/fantasy Marvel movies need to be out of MCU continuity or at the very least as autonomous as possible, like the “Swamp Thing”, “Hellblazer”, and “Sandman” books were at DC. Hell, it could be fun to have a secondary movie continuity, one that allows for characters like Mephisto, Dormammu, or even Dracula or Blade to exist together

  • Wolfdaddy21

    They have already introduced “magic” with Thor and established to be advanced science.

  • http://www.grifiti.com Tin Hoang

    Dr. Strange is still a tough sell to the general public. I’m probably wrong, but wasn’t he a part of the Defenders?

  • Joseph Savitski

    Back in the 70s,more recently he was working with the New Avengers. Hope whatever film they make is better than that 1978 tv thing they cranked out.

  • LionHeart

    Couldn’t be any more difficult to sell to audiences then Thor really.
    Make it happen, Marvel!

    • http://www.grifiti.com Tin Hoang

      Well Thor has the advantage of already being a known entity from Norse mythology. Dr. Strange somehow seems more catered to adults and an R rating. It’s been so long since i have even touched on Dr. Strange that I could be totally off base.

      • Anonymous

        I said it when the first story about a “Doctor Strange” movie was posted, but this would be perfect done up in a “Constantine/Lord of Illusions Lite” style where magic is presented as awesome and irrationally terrifying at the same time. Hell, someone needs to dig up Jean Cocteau and just have him direct in the style of “Beauty and the Beast”

  • http://www.beyondhollywood.com/ Dedpool

    I kinda gotta agree with Optik and EricKwon, I think this should definitely be separate from the rest of the Marvel Universe films, at least at first. Let them build their own world, rules and mythology for true magic, and then maybe ease him I’m if necessary. But with all the supernatural stuff in media, now is actually the right time to bring him out. Just make him cool. His current look civilian look (trench and turtle neck) would work for a low key version. His look in the upcoming Defenders comic is a great update and could definitely be pulled off. My version has him in regular clothes, but ones that pay homage to his comic look. Black slacks, with some nice shoes, and a blue silk shirt (possibly with a design reminiscent of the one on his comicbook countepart), a gold pocketwatch that is actually the Eye of Agomotto, and have the trench lined with red fabric, which was formerly the cloak of levitation.

    • Juggernaut

      After Thor anything goes as far as I’m concerned! I can see it being a stand alone film with some subtle ties to the other cinematic Marvel Universe. Even if it is only a reference in IM3 with Tony mentioning a meeting with the world’s foremost neurosurgeon about his heart condition. Or Banner discussing an old colleague from his days at the University. It could be inclusive without being overpowering. Then segway into a full length Dr. Strange movie. His connections to Banner in the Defenders and Ironman in the Illuminati could bring a role in an Avengers sequel.

      • http://www.beyondhollywood.com/ Dedpool

        That would work except for the Illminati and Defenders, as they don’t exist in the movie-verse.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000437872383 Ralph Renteria

    the first Dr. Strange intro i got was when I got the animated movie i thought it would suck but turned out to be pretty good but with hollywood you’ll never know how good or bad a comic inspired movie will be.