We May See A Doctor Strange Movie Sooner Rather Than Later

Doctor Strange Comic Book

“The Avengers” was a hot topic at New York Comic Con over the last few days, but it wasn’t the only Marvel property with a bit of momentum behind it. In a brief video snippet, Marvel movie executive Kevin Feige let it out that the studio is at least considering some movement on the long-gestating “Doctor Strange” adaptation, and that we may see it, “sooner rather than later.”

Feige said that he can now begin to officially let people know that the movie is coming down the pipe in announcements. He said he “would love to see him [Strange] as part of Phase Two”; the block of post-“Avengers” films set to include “Iron Man 3” and “Thor 2”.

“Sooner rather than later” is a hopeful statement for “Strange” fans, but it is also a frustratingly vague thing to say. It makes it sound like Marvel is moving forward, but doesn’t contain any real information what that means. Is “sooner” 2013? That too soon to realistically hope for. 2014? Maybe, but still pretty quick all things considered. Does it mean that they’ve actually been working on it, or that they’re simply planning to move forward more than a year after writers were attached to the project? Who knows, but what the hell, it’s fun to speculate and try to read thing into a 19 second video clip. Watch it for yourself below and see how you interpret it.

Via : IGN