Weekend Box Office: WALL-E First, Jolie Close

As expected by pretty much everyone who has heard of the name Pixar before, the animated company’s “WALL-E” met and exceeded expectations in its debut weekend, taking in an estimated $62.5 million, good enough for the story about a junk robot who meets a more high-tech version on a junkyard Planet Earth to claim the third best opening by a Pixar movie. The reigning champ from the studio remains “The Incredibles”, which hit $70.5 million back in 2004. But as well as “WALL-E” did, I have to admit, “Wanted’s” numbers were just as incredible, also meeting and exceeding all expectations. The violent R-rated shootfest starring Angelina Jolie as a tattoo-covered assassin who trains a young man the tools of her trade scored an impressive $51.1 million. Not bad at all, especially when you consider that no one expected the film to make more than $30 to $35 million.

Meanwhile, last weekend’s champ, the Steve Carell comedy “Get Smart” fell to #3 with $20 million, still decent numbers. The film has earned a total of $77 million in just two weeks of release. Considering its $80 million dollar budget, I think it’s safe to say that Carell has nabbed another hit. And not a moment too soon, post-the “Evan Almighty” debacle.

Other notables at the box office weekend includes “Kung Fu Panda”, which slid to fourth place with $11.7 million, good for $179 million in just four weeks of release. Not so good is “The Incredible Hulk”, which continues to lumber along at the box office; the Louis Leterrier reboot of the Marvel character took in another $9 million, for a 3-week total of $115. At this rate, is a second Hulk reboot in the offering? God, let’s all hope not.

Here’s how the Top 10 at the weekend box office broke down (via):

1 —–Wall-E —–$62,500,000 —–$62,500,000
2 —–Wanted —–$51,118,000 —–$51,118,000
3 —–Get Smart —–$20,000,000 —–$77,266,000
4 —–Kung Fu Panda —–$11,746,000 —–$179,330,000
5 —–The Incredible Hulk —–$9,226,000 —–$115,508,000
6 —–The Love Guru —– $5,440,000—–$25,322,000
7 —–Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull —–$5,030,000 —–$299,936,000
8 —–The Happening —–$3,850,000 —–$59,063,000
9 —–Sex and the City —–$3,770,000 —–$140,132,000
10 —–You Don’t Mess with the Zohan —– $3,200,000—–$91,215,000

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