Weird but Cool Trailer for Steve Carell’s Despicable Me

In the new CG movie “Despicable Me”, Steve Carell plays Groo, an evil mastermind who plots to steal the moon cause, you know, that’s what evil masterminds do and junk. There’s only one thing that can stop the evil madman. Well, three things, actually. They are a trio of orphan girls who temporarily come under his care and won’t leave. Yeah, it’s that kind of movie. Just go with it. Check out the first trailer for “Despicable Me” below. Cliched fat, loud, and obnoxious American tourists included. Thanks for continuing to spread the good word about us, Hollywood!

Featuring the voices of Ken Jeong, Jason Segel, Miranda Cosgrove, Steve Carell, Danny McBride , Will Arnett , Russell Brand, Kristen Wiig, and Julie Andrews. Directed by Pierre Coffin, Chris Renaud, and Sergio Pablos.

Grab some despicable you July 9, 2010.

Via Yahoo! Movies.