Well, At Least his Criminal Characters Will be More Authentic From Now on

Oscar winner or not, Roger Avary is about to do a full year in prison, with a 5-year probation period after pleading guilty to manslaughter charges back in August. The entire ordeal stems from a drunk-driving incident where Avary, liquored out of his mind, wrapped his Mercedes around a telephone pole while going 100 miles per hour. The accident killed his passenger and friend Andreas Zini and badly injured his wife, who was thrown from the car on impact.

Besides jail time, Avary has settled a $4.1 million dollar civil lawsuit with Zini’s family. Zini was killed while on his honeymoon and visiting Avary. Luckily for one half of the honeymooning couple, Zini’s wife was in another car when the accident took place in the city of Ojai, 80 miles northwest of Los Angeles.

If the name Roger Avary doesn’t ring any bells, he was a co-writer on Quentin Tarantino’s Award-winning “Pulp Fiction”, the movie that took “Two Guys in a Room” moviemaking to a whole other level. Although Avary apparently wrote enough of the script to share in the Best Screenplay Oscar with Tarantino, the Chinned One has made a concerted effort to claim the “Pulp Fiction” script as all his own, downplaying Avary’s contributions. The two haven’t been best buds since.

And considering Tarantino’s recent output and Avary’s, it’s probably a good bet that Tarantino did most of the heavy lifting. “Pulp Fiction”, after all, like most of Tarantino’s work is 90% dialogue and 10% stuff happening in-between the dialogue.

A scene from Pulp Fiction. Sorry, I ran out of funny captions.

A scene from Pulp Fiction. Sorry, I ran out of funny captions.