Well, at Least the A-Team’s Van Looks the Same…

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New director, new cast, Jessica Biel as a General (!!!), but at least the van from Joe Carnahan’s upcoming big-budget version of the popular ’80s adventure show looks the same. Check out an image of the van in action in a desert below. More pics over at SplashNews. And yes, I don’t know what a celebrity paparazzi site is doing snapping pictures of a van sitting in the middle of the desert, but then again I never know what goes on in the minds of these strange, strange creatures call paparazzi.

In actual movie news, EW reports that Patrick Wilson (“Watchmen”) has joined the cast as a CIA operative. Since the movie has our heroes being chased by the government for a crime they didn’t commit, and considering Hollywood’s current grudge against the CIA (they’re eeeeeeeeeeeeevil, doncha know), my guess is that Nite Owl II’s spook won’t be so nice, and that the CIA will once again look comparable to Osama Bin Laden.

Run, A-Team! Nite Owl is coming for you! Muahahahahahha.

Run, A-Team! Nite Owl is coming for you! Muahahahahahha.

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