Well Go USA Snags Rights to Rabbit Horror 3D and The Shock Labyrinth 3D

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Rabbit Horror 3D (2011) Movie PosterAh, the third dimension! When will it ever stop? Regardless of the gimmicks associated with the Takashi Shimizu films listed in the headline, I’m quite excited that Well Go USA has snapped up distribution rights. They’re a great company, and I’m anxious to see Region 1 releases for both of these potentially interesting releases. No release dates have been set as of this writing, but at least they’re on the way. As long as everything goes according to plan, that is. Which I’m sure it will. Hopefully.

Here’s an official statement from Well Go USA president Doris Pfardrescher regarding the acquisition:

“We are looking to push the envelope and bring unique filmed entertainment from all corners of the world to the North American market,” Pfardrescher continues. “We are excited to have secured rights to these films directed by the very talented, visionary director Takashi Shimizu that will no doubt resonate with the huge and passionate genre fan base.”

Fantastic! If you haven’t seen the trailers for “Rabbit Horror 3D” and “Shock Labyrinth 3D”, I have carefully embedded them below these words to satisfying your cinematic cravings. That’s just how I roll. For even more sparkling information, swing by Well Go USA’s official website.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Author: Todd Rigney

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  • Arthur

    Watched “The Shock Labyrinth” and was very disappointed. After Takashi Shimizu gave us the frightening “Ju-on” and “Ju-on 2″, and “Marebito”, “Reincarnation” and of course the U.S. films “The Grudge” and “The Grudge 2″, I was expecting something truly frightening and creepy; not some mainstream commercial 3-D stuff. I really hope “Rabbit Horror 3-D” turns out better. The Pang Bros. (“The Eye”, “The Eye 2″, “Omen”, “Bangkok Haunted”, “The Messengers” and “Re-Cycle”) also tried to go mainstream and commercial with their 3-D attempt “The Child’s Eye 3-D” with horrible results. These guys need to stick to what they do best: underground, creepy and twisted films. They are masters of the genre. Mainstream isn’t for them. But I will definitely support “Well Go Usa” and buy both of these films when they are released on blu-ray region “A”. I applaud any company (Criterion, Magnet/Magnolia, Media Blasters/Tokyo Shock and others) for releasing these rare and exotic films on blu-ray in the United States, Kino just released the South Korean film “Poetry” and Criterion just released the South Korean film “Secret Sunshine”. Magnet/Magnolia has released films like: “Troll Hunter”, “Mother”, “Chaw”, “Let The Right One In”, “Haeundae”, “The Host”, “Ong Bak 2″, “Chocolate” on blu-ray and “Big Man Japan” on dvd. Tokyo Shock/Media Blasters has released blu-rays of “Hansel & Gretel”, “Death Trance”, “Versus”, “The Machine Girl”, “Death Kappa”, “Ichi The Killer” and with a blu-ray release of “Destroy All Monsters” on the way. Image Entertainment released a blu-ray of the Pang Bros. masterpiece “Re-Cycle” in the U.S.. I hope the rumors are true about Criterion releasing a fully restored and remastered “Gojira” (1954) on blu-ray; the Classic Media blu-ray was terrible.