Werner Herzog Will Menace Tom Cruise in One Shot

Sometime actor, sometime director, and all-around funky guy Werner Herzog has joined the cast of Christopher McQuarrie’s “One Shot”, where he’ll be playing a Russian gangster named The Zec.

Variety, who reported the casting, also sorta/kinda went and revealed a spoiler from the movie, but I’ll only say that The Zec becomes a major thorn in hero Jack Reacher’s side in “One Shot”. Or is it the other way around?

Cruise will star as Reacher, a former MP turned wanderer of the American landscape, who is drawn into a case involving the mass killing of civilians by a lone sniper. Reacher teams up with the accused sniper’s lawyer, to be played by Rosamund Pike, to solve the case.

Richard Jenkins, Robert Duvall, Alexia Fast, and David Oyelowo are also in the cast. McQuarrie, who adapted the Lee Child novel, will also direct.

Director Werner Herzog in Rescue Dawn (2006) Movie Image