Wes Ball to Direct Fox’s The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner Book CoverLast month Fox and director McG discovered filmmaker Wes Ball, who directed a CG short film called “Ruin”. It was essentially about a guy being chased by a Hunter-Killer-esque vehicle (ala the “Terminator” movies, something McG knows a little bit about, no doubt). That, uh, was pretty much it. I guess they really liked the whole, I don’t know, chasing aspect of it or something. Anyways, the idea was to develop “Ruin” into a feature film with Ball directing.

Looks like “Ruin” will have to wait, because Fox has just attached Ball to direct their adaptation of the book “The Maze Runner” instead. “The Maze Runner” is yet another young adult novel set in a dystopian future (Good God is this popular nowadays) by James Dashner. And yes, it’s also the first of a trilogy. (Saw that one coming a mile away when you heard “young adult”, dincha?)

The book follows Thomas, “who after having his memory wiped is deposited in a community of boys trapped in an enormous maze. He soon learns they are part of a mysterious test, and finds it is his destiny to join the ‘maze runners’ and lead them to freedom.”

Well, at least it’s a teenage boy this time around and not yet another spunky, independent teenage girl whose pretty but doesn’t know it, who just happens to have two boys, both with magical abs, fawning for her. So, you know, that’s new. Ish.

Peter Kang and Daria Cercek are producing for Fox.

Here’s Ball’s “Ruin”:

RUIN from OddBall Animation on Vimeo.

Via : Deadline