Wes Craven Replaces 25/8 Lead

Usually the lead in a teen horror movie has to wait until the very end to get killed off, if he’s killed off at all, but an illness has done Henry Lee Hopper in. Hopper, son of Dennis and the would-be star of Wes Craven’s new horror movie “25/8”, was replaced by actor Max Thieriot (pictured, left) after the former contracted mononucleosis and had to be replaced. The Hollywood Reporter made sure to mention that the oft-cited “creative differences” was not the reason why Hopper has left the movie, which I find kind of hilarious: as if a 17-year old kid without a single film to his credits could get the idea that he had any “creative differences” to negotiate with a director like Craven.


Newcomers Nick Lashaway, John Magaro and Paulina Olszynski have also joined the cast, and Raul Esparza is in talks to play the film’s serial killer.

Magaro reportedly beat out teen star Jesse McCartney for his role, in part because Craven wanted mostly unknown actors to give the film an authentic feel.

Lashaway will play a bully, Magaro will play Thieriot’s comic sidekick, and Olszynski will play a popular beauty among the small-town characters. Denzel Whitaker, Shareeka Epps and Emily Meade round out the cast.

The film follows 7 teens who were born 17 years ago, and now find themselves hunted by the same serial killer.

Shooting was set to begin this month in Connecticut.

Wes Craven Director of 25/8